Harriet Kirk


Caversham Heights Music Studio

Harriet teaches piano and singing to all ages and levels privately from her home in Caversham Heights, Berkshire. Please use the contact page to get in touch with Harriet, or call her on 07763 629485.

Harriet teaches with an holistic approach, and wellbeing is important. Harriet believes strongly that a student should enjoy their lessons and have fun in order to get the most out of them. Practice is important, and Harriet always aims for a student to leave their lesson with a smile on their face and sense of achievement, so that they want to go home and practise, and look forward to the next lesson.

Learning to play the piano or sing has many benefits. The student will not only master the skills required to sing or play the piano, but they will also benefit from one to one tuition, and will develop all round musicianship skills, as well as self discipline and a sense of achievement, and they will develop their own self confidence. All of these skills can be applied to daily life.

Harriet Kirk

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